New York '16 (GBL 102)

Reflection Log: Week 1

IMG_2732January 14, 2016

Today, I was reminded that I am a dreamer. While completing our Identity Maps today, that is not something I had thought to write amongst my characteristics. When a class mate of mine shared that she had labeled herself a dreamer, it made me realize that these girls who I thought I didn’t belong with have a lot of the same characteristics and diversities that I have as well.

Another member of our group who goes by her American name, Evie, shared her educational journey. She told us of China’s strict educational system and how she disagrees with its harshness, so she attended a high school in Singapore on a scholarship and now, almost 21, this Ladder Day Saint, Chinese girl who speaks 4 languages, is enjoying her time at Agnes- and she just earned her drivers license.

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